HRSG Inspection Options

Vogt Power and Babcock Power Services offer comprehensive inspection services for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs). Learn more about our inspection capabilities for all OEM HRSGs.

Water Management Effluent Discharge

Water Chemistry and Reducing/Eliminating Effluent Discharge. Babcock Power Environmental has a keen understanding of water chemistry across the entire process from years of experience as an OEM [...]

Spray Dryer Evaporator

Spray Dryer Evaporator Overview. Babcock Power Environmental is the leader in the design and application of static mixing systems to address difficult air quality control issues. Babcock Power [...]

Heating Surface Replacements

Learn more about our integrated turnkey solutions for replacing heating surface components on HRSGs that can often lead to costly emergency plant shutdowns.

HP Economizer Retrofits

Vogt Power International and TEiC Construction Services utilize innovative technology to provide turnkey HP Economizer retrofits for HRSGs. Learn more about out integrated approach.