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The Struthers Wells brand of fired heaters has a tradition of superior products and services with a full-service engineering design and project management staff. Fired heater products include:

•  Hot oil/thermal fluid heating (liquid and vapor service)
•  Crude/vacuum heaters
•  Hydrotreater heaters
•  Hydrocracking heaters
•  Ethylene dichloride pyrolysis
•  Ketene pyrolysis
•  Steam superheaters
•  Catalytic reformer heaters
•  Reboiler heaters
•  Others as required

The core products within the Struthers Wells product line are cylindrical radiant/connective style heaters, either horizontal or vertical, with either helical or serpentine radiant coils. Cabin/box arrangements with vertical or horizontal radiant coils utilizing wall- or floor- or end-firing are also available. With state-of-the art design tools and applications, Struthers Wells offers:

•  Detailed thermal-hydraulic design and analysis of fi red heaters and process furnaces
•  Engineering studies to evaluate and assess revamp opportunities to maximize heater performance
•  Structural analysis and mechanical design
•  Code capabilities (API 560, ASME BPVC Section I or Section VIIIASME


Struthers Wells is the original designer of the Once Through Steam Generator for application in thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), which has been the standard for the industry for decades. Used throughout the world to enhance oil recovery in heavy crude reservoirs and oil sand

deposits—and supported by our extensive field experience, advanced technology, and laboratory-driven engineering data—the OTSGs inject steam into target areas that often impose demanding and stringent operating conditions. The OTSGs are easy to maintain and continue to operate reliably, primarily unattended, or with minimum supervision. Features of the OTSG include:

•  Handles zero-hardness feedwater with high total-dissolved solid contents
•  Responds to rapid and significant changes in load demand as dictated by the injection well while maintaining steam quality
•  Operates through a wide range of steam pressures at a high thermal efficiency rate.


TEi Struthers Wells designed and manufactured the first furnace used for thermal cracking (pyrolysis) of ethylene dichloride (EDC) to produce vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in 1960.  Since then, TEi Struthers Wells has supplied over 100 EDC cracking furnaces worldwide.


Breech Lock

Shell and tube heat exchangers used on hydro-cracking and hydrodesulfurization require special closure design because of requirements imposed by the process licensor: Chevron & Union Oil. In 1968, Struthers Wells participated in the design of a special heat exchanger for a major oil company to use in a hydrocracking process. Since then, Struthers Wells has adapted the basic concept of the breech lock closure to a number of heat exchangers with innovative new features that greatly improve closure reliability, including:

•  Fully removable bundle
•  Minimum number of leak paths to the atmosphere of high hydrogen content at elevated temperatures
•  Tightening the internal gasket in service, eliminating leakage between shell and tube side fluids in feed/effluent, increasing the efficiency of the process

Our improvements to the original concept have resulted in dependable performance with benefits such as:

•  No fluid pressure on the mechanical threads, thus avoiding hoop stresses and radial expansion at the threads
•  Compensation for differential thermal expansion when temperatures of joint components vary
•  Improved ACME thread that optimizes pitch and prevents potential binding issues
•  Improved horizontal installation prevents scraped-off metal chips that can cause leaks in shell-to-tubesheet gasket
•  Forces on the threads are purely mechanical


TEi Struthers Wells can design and supply diaphragm closure heat exchangers.  Diaphragm closures are used in chemical and petrochemical processed due to the advantage of zero gasket seating load reducing the size of the closure bolts.  Because the diaphragm plate is seal welded to the channel, any potential leak paths of the channel fluid are eliminated.


An industry leader in custom designed, specialized shell and tube heat exchangers for over 70 years, Struthers Wells has earned a hallmark reputation for quality and reliability in virtually every type of application and commercially available type of alloy. That expertise is again exhibited with high pressure heat exchangers. Designed to withstand high pressures up to 7,900 psig and high temperatures up to 1600° F, Struthers Wells proprietary high pressure heat exchangers are available in sizes up to maximum shipping limitations.


Designed to cool process gases above 2600°F (1400° C) and pressures above 3,000 psi (210 kg/cm2), Struthers Wells waste heat boilers generate high quality steam to pressures higher than 2,100 psi (150 kg/cm2) for steam generation rates up to 500,000 lb/hr (230,000 kg/hr). Designs include:

•  Waste heat boilers
•  Single shell
•  Dual compartment
•  Internal by-pass

The flexible-supported-stayed-thin tubesheet design pioneered by Struthers Wells is typically 1” (25mm) thick. This allows good cooling by the water on the rear face lowering the tubesheet metal operating temperature. Tubes act as stays, remain at the same temperature, so the sheet stays flat. Flexible connection of tubesheet to shell allows for expansion and gives good fatigue resistance. In addition, the full thickness tube-to-tubesheet weld provides tubesheet integrity, eliminates crevice corrosion on the water side, and ensures equal metallurgy in the weld and on the tubesheet.


TEi Struthers Wells can design and supply the kettle type reboilers with integral steam separation for low or medium steam pressures.


SW has extensive experience in supply of equipment for the Main Reaction and Incinerator packages, including:

•  Burner (optional)
•  Reaction furnace
•  Waste heat boiler
•  Steam drums
•  Superheaters
•  Sulfur condensers


Struthers Wells waste heat boilers are typically supplied with an overhead steam drum for water and steam circulation and a large recirculation rate to ensure effective cooling. Each steam drum has two-stage phase separation systems that provide steam used to generate power through steam turbines. Demister pads or Chevron vanes allow for steam-water separation


To overcome thick shell rolling limitations in the late 1950s, TEi-Struthers Wells Division developed a proprietary laminated shell called Multi-wall construction. Multi-wall vessels are utilized for Ammonia Converters and Urea Reactors. Due to the process fluids, the inner layer of the vessel is alloy material, such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Zirconium. The Multi-wall vessel solves many material and fabrication problems and presents a competitive design when compared to mono-wall vessels.


TEi Struthers Wells has an unparalleled reputation and successful history in designing and supplying heat recovery equipment for the extraction of heat from high temperature process gases.  TEi Struthers Wells process gas boilers can be designed to cool process gases with temperatures about 2600°F (1400°C) and pressures above 3000 psig (210 kg/cm2) to generate high quality steam.

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Steam Surface Condenser

Our condenser designs can incorporate enhanced deareation systems, and/or a variety of turbine exhaust options, which can assist in improving plant layouts. We continually address and refine these and other considerations associated with circular designs where space is at a premium.  The surface condenser is a critical component in the operation of a steam power plant. Condenser failures can result in forced outages and loss of generation capacity. TEi condensers represent an evolution of advanced technology, offering improved thermal efficiency and advanced mechanical design to reduce forced outages and increase availability.

Steam Surface Condenser, Modular Changeouts

As the innovator in heat transfer technology, TEi provides exceptional modular changeout options for steam surface condensers. Modular changeouts are an efficient alternative to the conventional retube. Existing condensers can be refurbished, redesigned, and even upgraded to meet new performance demands and power requirements. Complete surface condenser retrofits are possible and can offer a multitude of benefits. A surface condenser is critical to the efficient operation of a power plant.


Low Pressure Feedwater Heater

Each feedwater heater can extract up to 30% of the turbine throttle steam and is designed to specific thermal conditions and manufactured for a singular purpose. The low pressure feedwater heaters play a key role in maintaining efficient, trouble-free operation of your generation facility and the vertical channel down (VCD) designs offer a small footprint, piping economics and simplified bundle access.

High Pressure Feedwater Heater

TEI’s feedwater heaters are each designed to specific thermal conditions and manufactured for a singular purpose. Whether it be sophisticated designs involving extreme superheat, abnormal flow conditions or dissipation of high energy fluids, TEi has the expertise and experience to offer proven solutions to any design problem. TEi provides innovative and practical concepts to ensure peak heater performance from installation to testing through full or part-load operation. We offer a multitude of design configurations for desuperheater and drains cooler zones as well as the latest in channel closure techniques. The three most common are listed below:

∙ Bolted-Gasketed Closure – This economical, gasketed pill box is easily disassembled for full access.
∙ Seal-Welded Diaphragm Closure – This economical welded closure is leak-proof and easily disassembled for full access. It requires no gaskets.
∙ Breech-Lock Closure – This widely accepted, quick opening closure provides full access to the tubesheet and structural reliability under varying temperature and pressure conditions.


Closed Cycle Cooling Water HX

TEi has successfully supplied numerous optimized BOP and CCW designs for numerous fossil and nuclear power plants undergoing power up-rates and routinely provides solutions for power plants needing to improve efficiencies. With diverse high-quality applications, impressed current & galvanic anodic protection, elimination of potential cross-contamination of fluids, compact construction when designing for fluids with high thermal resistances and can be externally and internally applied, TEi’s mission-critical equipment helps ensure a stable, optimal operating temperature while reducing costs and dramatically improving efficiencies for our customers.

Generator Cooler HX

TEi’s Generator Engine Coolers cool air or hydrogen, which in turn cools the internal components of the motor or generator. These coolers are available in single tube, double tube, plate-fin and fin-tube designs.

Lube Oil Cooler HX

The lube oil cooler is to manitain oil temperature of the turbine lube oil by utilizing cooling water through the tubes. TEi provides shell & tube TEMA type heat exchangers for this service.

Motor Cooler HX

TEi’s Motor Coolers cool air or hydrogen, which in turn cools the internal components of the motor or generator. These coolers are available in single tube, double tube, plate-fin and fin-tube designs.

Rotor Air Cooler / Kettle Boiler HX

Our Shell & Tube Rotor Air Cooler Kettle Boiler Heat Exchangers are used to cool gas turbine rotor cooling air in a Combined Cycle Power Plants. The rotor air heat is tranferred to the water on the shell side, which is converted to steam and piped into the HRSG. The recovery of waste heat produces a netr increase of the CCPP efficiency. The RACKB’s can be purchased with or without controls and instrumentation. Controls and Instrumentation options include, control valves, bypass lines, drain tank, Temperature and Pressure monitors/transmitters, heat tracing, PLC. Materials of construction include options for carbon steel, 304SS, 316 SS, Incoloy and Inconel.

Fuel Gas HX

Our shell and tube fuel gas performance heat exchangers are used to heat natural gas that is fed to the gas turbines. They can be purchased with or without controls and instrumentation. The options include control valves, bipass lines, drain tank, temperature and pressure monitors/ transmitters, heat tracing, PLC.

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HRSG Designs



MSGModular Steam Generator; sold since the 1960’s, still the best for single wide applications.

The Module Steam Generator is 25–70 MW with a single wide modular design. This option includes standard width designs, 1, 2, or 3 pressure levels, and a full range of supplementary equipment with an accelerated delivery schedule.

Features Benefits
Designed for HRSGs behind 30-70 MW gas turbines that allow a single gas path width Dramatically reduces erection schedule



The Enhanced Constructability SMART includes all SMART design features with the main steel support structure added to the boxes in a design we call (ECS).

Module Box Features:
•  Top & bottom transverse beams are shop installed
•  Main columns shop assembled to module boxes
•  Top, bottom and side casings are shop installed to module boxes
•  No up-righting steel required during installation
•  Back to back channels and hanger rods are shop installed
•  Piping is shop installed inside module casings
•  Manifolds used to minimize casing penetrations, eliminating external pipe spools

For HRSGs where transport and weight limitations allow, the main steel support structure is integrated and pre-fabricated with the boxes in a design that is the ultimate in constructability.

Features Benefits
Main support columns, top, side, and bottom casing attached to module box No field installed insulation is required between “cold” boxes
Stub column provided to stabilize module when erected No lifting frames required, only two moment connections per column line
Heating surface Installed in module boxes
Module HARPS Shop hydro tested

Shop Installed:
•  Gas baffles (except center gas baffles)
•  Interconnecting piping between HARPS
•  Most vent and drain piping
•  Stainless steel metal bellows
•  Expansion joints or seal plates
•  Bumpers and guides (except in “hot” boxes)
•  Cover plates at all ECS penetrations in top and bottom casings

Subject to shipping limitations. Same as MSG (2 & 3 Wide Applications)



SMARTSemi-Modular Accelerated Delivery Reduced Cost Top Supported. Use when shipping restraints prevent us from offering ECS.

SMART-Box features a high level of pre-assembly; modules, casing, interconnecting piping, and some structural steel all combined in one box, thereby drastically reducing the number of man-hours needed for erection. The modules are shop-assembled with top, side, and bottom casing attached for shipment. This option significantly reduces the amount of field labor needed to erect.

SMART Box Design Single Base Plate on all HRSG Columns –Welded in Shop Lifting Beams Furnished on All Boxes Increased Space Between Boxes for easier Fit-up Shop Installed Attic & Basement Baffles Welded Connections for all Temporary Diagonal Shipping Steel Reduced the amount of Field installed Baffles Simple Connection for Vent & Drain Piping Between Boxes Collection Headers in Evaporator Sections (if Feasible)

Features Benefits
Top, side, and bottom casing attached to module box No field installed insulation required between “cold” boxes
Stub column provided to stabilize module when erected No lifting frames required



The Bundle features a high level of pre-assembly and come with the following items shop installed; modules, top casing, hanger rod support system, internal attic baffles, roof casing penetration seals and interconnecting piping. The redesigned bundle now has the following features: minimization of the removal of shipping steel, provides an option for a single crane lift if the site requires, the modules are immediately top supported once set in place and the total linear feet of external seal welding on the casing when the columns are attached to the casing are reduced. The bundle design also allows the erector to start setting the structure and casing prior to the arrival of pressure parts.



In cases where site access is limited, the Loose Harp reduces the pre-assembly process. The design includes individual module harps that can be transported to the site using normal road transportation. This solution saves time and money.

In cases where site access is limited, the Loose Harp reduces the pre-assembly process. The design includes individual module harps that can be transported to the site using normal road transportation. This solution saves time and money.
Easier to Ship and Handle, Lower Equipment Price, Earlier Delivery, More Site Work Required, Smaller Crane Required.

Features Benefits
Loose HARP Easier to ship and handle
Lower equipment price
Earlier delivery
Reduced pre-assembly can allow normal road transport to site
Installation of Module HARPS, all interconnecting vent and drain piping, gas baffles, SS metal bellows expansion joints Smaller crane required
Use of trolley crane for HARP installation

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Our natural circulation steam generators fire a wide range of coals and other fossil fuels.


We offer commissioning services for any boiler or boiler-related equipment. We furnish qualified field engineers to assist in start-up and commissioning of your steam generating, fuel burning, and environmental equipment.

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We design SCRs to be fully integrated with the boiler to ensure seamless operations. Our complete integrated SCR systems are comprised of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling, ductwork, reactors, support steel, initial catalyst charge, fans, complete reagent loading, storage, injection systems, startup, testing, and training.

SCR Design Features include:

  • Two four layer reactors per unit
  • Three initially installed layer and one future layer of catalyst
  • Inlet and outlet NOx analyzers
  • SCR inlet temperature control (per reactor)
  • Two double louver economizer bypass dampers
  • One single louver backpressure damper
  • Delta Wing™ static mixers with six ammonia injectors
  • Six sonic horns per installed catalyst layer
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TEIC Construction Services leads the industry with more than 20 years’ experience in providing direct-hire, on-site construction services for the installation, repair, alteration and maintenance of boilers and boiler-related industrial power equipment nationally. Our services include:

•  Gas Conversions
•  Ash Dewatering Systems
•  Auxiliary Boiler Installation
•  Environmental Control Systems

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