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Drawing upon the strengths of a group of specific companies within parent organization Babcock Power Inc., including boiler manufacturer Riley Power Inc., Boiler Tube Company of America, TEiC Construction Services Inc. and TEiC Heat Exchanger Services. Babcock Power Services is expert at putting together a highly effective team to create a single source technology, equipment and engineering services solution for any steam generation system upgrade or maintenance project. Working together, BPS ensures a total, comprehensive solution, with one contract; one integrated schedule; one overall project manager for single-point responsibility; one seamless, united team responsible to the customer; and one performance guarantee wrap—as well as all the cost and time savings that this value-adding, integrated approach can deliver.

In addition, Babcock Power’s expert engineering services group can be accessed via BPS, and joins the team when vital, specialized services such as combustion calculations, emissions, modeling, commissioning, structural steel design, CAD, stress analysis, manufacturability studies or similar service is needed on the job. BPS is also the place to go to access high quality replacement boiler pressure parts, with our global sourcing strength providing fast access regardless of manufacturer.

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Babcock Power Services and its component companies are in turn part of Babcock Power Inc., an international company with multiple specialized business units all working independently and together as needed to best meet customer needs. For example, organizations within BTA might form a team with sister OEM companies such as HRSG manufacturer Vogt to provide a turnkey solution for a customer.

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Whatever your steam generation plant upgrade or power plant maintenance project, Babcock Power Services can put together a fully integrated, highly skilled team to get the project done on schedule, on budget and with the highest level of quality.

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