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Struthers Wells—For More Than 165 Years, the Trusted Name in Heat Transfer Equipment for the Process Industry

The Struthers Wells company proudly traces its roots back to 1851, along the way placing thousands of pieces of high quality industrial heat transfer equipment in hundreds of chemical plants, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and other industrial facilities in dozens of countries around the globe.

Now, as part of TEi, Struthers Wells has a diversified portfolio of equipment and designs, at work in a broad range of heat transfer applications. In addition to the delivery of pioneering products in Solar Thermal Power applications, the Struthers Wells name has an established record for high quality and dependability in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical sectors.

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The Standard for Trusted Quality and Innovation

A “company of firsts,” Struthers Wells is known worldwide for innovations such as developing the first all-welded carbon steel pressure vessel, the first forced circulation thermal fluid vaporizer, and the first Once-Through Steam Generator (OTSG) for enhanced oil recovery.

Today, this legacy of customer-focused quality and innovation can be found throughout our diversified product line featuring Fired Heaters and Heat Exchanger equipment through the links below:

Fired Heaters

  •  EDC Furnaces
  •  Fired Heater Revamp Services
  •  Ketene Pyrolysis Furnaces
  •  Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG)
  •  Refinery Heaters
  •  Steam Superheaters

Process Heat Exchangers

  •  Kettle Boilers
  •  Process Gas Boiler (PGB)
  •  Specialty Heat Exchangers


  •  Solar CSP Heat Exchangers

Specialized Process Equipment

  • Equipment for Ammonia Plants –
    Heat Exchangers, Multi-Wall Pressure Vessels and Reactors
  • Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)
    Main Reaction Package

Struthers Wells Experience

  • 500 Process WHB Around the Globe
  • 100 Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)
    Cracking Furnaces
  • 120 Hydro-Cracking Effluent Exchangers
    (Screw Plug HX)
  • 1,200 Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG)
  • 80 Steam Superheaters
  • 50 Multiwall Ammonia Convertors and Urea Reactors
  • 150 Ethylene Plant Transfer Line (TLX) and
    USX Heat Exchangers
  • 50 Refinery and Crude Heaters
  • 25 Molten Salt Fired Heaters
  • 2500 Thermal Fluid Systems
  • 45 Combustion Heat Pipe Air Preheaters
  • 75 Sulfur Recovery WHB and Sulfur Condensers
  • 500 Ti, Hastelloy, 3.5 Ni, Monel, Inconel Process Heat Exchangers

Equipment Fabricated and Delivered On-Time

Using our highly developed, proven, robust project management process, we can ensure reliability on every milestone from contract award to final delivery of your equipment. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of your application.  We will work with you to ensure the best solution from consulting to the supply of equipment up to turnkey installation if desired.

Engineering Services For All Your Heat Exchanger Needs—Any OEM

Struthers Wells offers engineering solutions to support your existing boiler heat exchanger products and equipment, regardless of manufacturer. Our technical capabilities include:

  •  Repair
  •  Conceptual System Redesign
  •  Replacement
  •  Engineering Studies
  •  Diagnostic Testing
  •  Performance Analysis
  •  Cycle Analysis
  •  Failure Analysis
  •  Condition Assessment
  •  Thermal & Structural Analysis
  •  Design Optimization
  •  Finite Element Analysis
  •  Solid Modeling
  •  Piping Flexibility Analysis
  •  Equipment Re-rates
  •  Physical Inspection
  •  Troubleshooting
  •  Engineer & Operator Training
  •  And More

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