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Our Mission

We strive to create superior value for our customers, suppliers, and employees through an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, execution and consistent application of our core values that promote TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, & PERFORMANCE. Provide uncompromising personal safety, stimulating, ethical work environment, and professional opportunities for our employees that enable them to develop and deliver sustainable solutions for our customers and drive the science, technology and expertise that will serve the growing global demand for safe, reliable, clean energy through the 21st century.

Our Core Values

At Babcock Power, our Core Values promote the highest possible practices for corporate ethics and integrity.

These Core Values embrace sustained and profitable growth while driving day-to-day decisions that center on Teamwork, Integrity and Performance.

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Our Quality Commitment

With several of our business units serving customers for 100 years or more, the drive to maintain the highest levels of quality performance on behalf of our customers has long since been engrained into our culture. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that we have proudly earned high volumes of repeat business from so many high quality customer companies year after year.

Everyone representing any Babcock business from the top executives to each individual at each job site understands that their main goal is to deliver what our client contracts for—consistent with all specifications, codes, standards, and delivery schedules, as well as always meeting or exceeding the highest expectations.

With all required ASME certifications in place, as well as our recent earning of an upgraded ISO 9001-2015 certification, we have codified our beliefs into a formal Quality Policy:

We are committed to providing Customers with quality products and services that meet or exceed our Customers‘ requirements.

We are committed to ensuring our products and services meet required regulatory or statutory requirements.

Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality is each employee’s responsibility and we provide resources and the environment to achieve this objective.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, services, and business processes.

We are dedicated to the communication and fulfillment of the Quality Policy throughout the organization.

Further, we have adopted a series of six metrics, and continually track, measure and report on our performance against each—Customer Satisfaction, Schedule Performance, On-Time Delivery, Product Performance, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) and Corrective Action Performance.

We Are Focused
On Safety.

Maintaining a high level of safety is not just an outstanding indicator of a well-run operation, it is simply the right thing to do for any business. Throughout every Babcock business unit, we believe that we have an ethical stewardship responsibility for the well-being of every individual working at every location and at every job site, and it shows in the way we operate. For example, before even breaking ground on a site project, TEi Construction conducts a formal, detailed Job Hazard Analysis, and works to alleviate any potential threats—no matter how small—through controls, mitigation and training. It’s just one of the reasons that the group maintains an enviably low OSHA TIR score, and, as of late 2017, has logged more than 5.6 million man hours without a lost-time accident.

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Solutions Engineered
by Our Experts.

At BPI, our engineers are highly visible, well-respected leaders in the industries they serve, including coal, oil, gas, refuse, petroleum, coke, biomass and solar powered energy. They have an average of 20 years of hands-on experience in their disciplines, and they hold numerous positions on key industry and code committees including those within NFPA and ASME. We have found that this level of peer-to-peer participation helps ensure that our products and services meet today’s highest standards and help drive the innovative developments of tomorrow.

From computer-aided engineering and design to intelligent P&IDs and computational fluid dynamics, the diverse expertise of our power plant engineers enables us to offer a full spectrum of value-added services. With a focus on continuous improvement, the team works toward reducing capital costs and power station maintenance and operational costs for our customers, while bolstering system performance and reliability.

We Are Committed to
Environmental Responsibility.

BPI has been providing environmental control systems to the power and process industries for nearly half a century and has provided highly efficient energy-related power station equipment—and helped organizations maintain high performance operation through high quality aftermarket parts and services—for decades longer still. In addition to helping our customers excel in their environmental performance, as a company, BPI is, not surprisingly, extremely cognizant of our own environmental performance, and works to maintain the optimum level of sustainable performance in every operation. No wonder that, in addition to our outstanding Quality and Safety record, we also have had ZERO environmental and health incidents since 2009.

Babcock Power Inc. President and CEO Michael LeClair

Michael LeClair

President & CEO | Babcock Power Inc.

Babcock Power Chief Operating Officer Xavier Dorai

Xavier Dorai

Chief Operating Officer | Babcock Power Inc.

Tom Price, President and CEO of Babcock Power Services & Babcock Power Environmental

Tom Price

President & CEO | Babcock Power Services & Babcock Power Environmental

Babcock Power Chief Constuction Officer Edward Dean

Edward Dean

Chief Construction Officer | Babcock Power Inc.

Ken Murakoshi

President & CEO | Thermal Engineering International

Vogt Power International President Christopher Turner

Christopher Turner

President & CEO | Vogt Power International

Babcock Power Chief Financial Officer Anthony Brandano

Anthony Brandano

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer | Babcock Power Inc.

Babcock Power General Counsel William Ferguson Jr.

William Ferguson Jr.

Executive Vice President – Administration, General Counsel & Secretary | Babcock Power Inc.

Babcock Power Chief HR Officer John Heffernan

John Heffernan

Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer | Babcock Power Inc.

Babcock Power Vice President of Strategic Operations DJ Harding

Douglas J. Harding

Executive Vice President, Strategic Operations | Babcock Power Inc.

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