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Thermal Engineering Intl (USA) TEi-MSR Division TEi Services TEi-Struthers Wells Division

Thermal Engineering


Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (TEi) is the leading supplier of heat transfer technology to the electric power generation industry. Offering fully-integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, research and development, construction and service capabilities.

Overview of Thermal Engineering’s Heat Transfer Technology.
An Innovative Engineerg Partner for the Power and Process Industries.

Formerly Southwestern Engineering-and most recently Senior Engineering Co. – we have been designing and fabricating surface condensers, feedwater heaters, power plant heat exchangers and moisture separator reheaters (MSRs) for the world’s power generation industry continuously for over 50 years. We own and operate dedicated manufacturing facilities within the United States and license legal shops throughout the world.

TEi also engineers and manufactures industrial heat exchangers. Located at our Los Angeles headquarters, our design teams have the unique capability to provide integrated product engineering, resulting in single-point responsibility for design and manufacturing.

Utilizing assets from the purchase of EFCO and Struthers industries, TEI-Struthers Wells Division designs and supplies a full range of fired heaters, waste heat boilers and heat exchangers for the petrochemical industries.

We also offer a network of engineering solutions to provide technical support to your organizations feedwater heater, condenser, and heat exchanger needs. Our technical capabilities cover a vast array of activities, including, but not limited to: Performance Analysis, Cycle Analysis, Failure Analysis, Condition Assessment, Thermal & Structural Analysis, Conceptual System Redesign, Design Optimization, Finite Element Analysis, Solid Modeling, Piping Flexibility Analysis, Field Modification Evaluation, Equipment Re-Rates, Physical Inspection, Troubleshooting, Engineer & Operator training.