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Keep your boiler equipment running at peak performance long-term with help from our expert repair services and support capabilities

Riley Power Parts supplies high quality boiler replacement parts and performs expert reconditioning regardless of boiler OEM. From core to pulverizer rebuilds or upgrades on any manufacturers equipment, we return it to original specifications for optimum performance and longevity. All work is performed at our Tyler, Texas or Duncan, South Carolina facilities. With our history of experience and capabilities, we are able to deliver superior service and turnaround an outstanding price.

Rebuild Services

Riley Power can rebuild journal and roll wheel assemblies from all pulverizer OEMs. We have rebuild kits in stock for many pulverizer sizes, as well as most grinding roll tires and rolls.

  • Riley Power – MPS 150 &170
  • C-E/Alstom/GE – RP/RS/RPS/HP & RB Journal Assemblies (All sizes)
  • B&W – MPS 75, 89, 118
  • Hitachi – MPS 225, 235 & 255 Roll Wheel Assemblies
  • Foster Wheeler – MBF 22.5, 23, 23.5 & 24.5 Pivot Bracket and Stem Assemblies
  • MHPS – VS 25 Pivot Bracket and Stem Assemblies

DURATECH™ Tungsten Carbide Overlay

We offer the superior wear resistance of our DURATECH™ Tungsten Carbide Weld Overlay. It extends the life of grinding rolls with a 99.7% success rate against spalling. Our warranty guarantees double the life over regular high chrome overlay.

Our patented process has a proven track record of providing superior wear life with hundreds of rolls in service grinding some of the most abrasive fuels. Tungsten carbide particles are embedded during the final overlay process providing the superior wear resistance of tungsten carbide in the highest wear area on the roll.

L-R: FW MBF 22.5 Pivot Bracket Assemblies; C-E/Alstom/GE 943 RP Grinding Rolls;  B&W MPS 89 Grinding Rolls;  B&W MPS 89 Grinding Segments

New Pulverizer Parts

  • Grinding Rolls/Tires
  • Grinding Segments
  • Journal/Pivot Bracket Parts
  • Millside Liners
  • Large Castings (Tables/Yokes/Hubs)
  • Gearbox Parts and Gearing

We Manage Inventory So You Don’t Have To

Inventory Management Programs

Reduce carrying costs and put an end to extraneous inventory by utilizing our inventory management programs, available for all styles of equipment.

  • Guaranteed parts availability
  • One week standard shipment after receipt of order
  • After-hours response team
  • Eliminate obsolete inventory
  • Applicable to most plant equipment

Outage Kit Programs

Our outage kit programs are customizable to meet your plant’s outage requirement needs, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Instant parts availability
  • Simplifies the purchasing process
  • Pay for only the parts that are used and return non-used parts
  • Save time and effort

Rebuild, Repair & Rotational Programs


  • Complete disassembly and inspection
  • Components repair
  • Replace worn components that are beyond allowable specifications
  • Rebuild to strict procedures and tolerances
  • Upgrades are optional
  • Offerings can include extended warranties


  • Inventory placed in your exclusive stock at Riley Power Regional Service Center


  • Replaced component is sent to service center for rebuild and returned to you when component replacement is needed

Riley Power Service Centers

  • 100+ years of in-house OOEM experience
  • Full-time engineering and design staff onsite
  • In-house rebuild, fabrication, and machining capabilities

Duncan, SC

  • 32,000 sq. ft of manufacturing and rebuild space
  • 25,000 sq. ft of warehouse space
  • 16 metric ton crane lifting capability

Tyler, TX

  • 31,300 sq. ft of manufacturing and rebuild space
  • 47,900 sq. ft of warehouse space
  •  20 metric ton lifting capacity

You’re Backed by the Substantial Resources of BPI

Riley Power Inc. is part of Babcock Power Inc., an international company with multiple specialized business units all working independently and together as needed to best meet customer needs. For example, we might tap into the extensive parts inventory and boiler tube fabrication expertise of sister company Boiler Tube of America for a particular job, to deliver even better service for our customer.

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Whether you need a new boiler, or want to optimize your current equipment and operation, regardless of OEM, contact Riley Power today:

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