Struthers Wells Company Overview

Learn more about Struthers Wells and our more than 160 year history of successfully delivering heat recovery equipment to chemical, petrochemical, petroleum and power plants

Struthers Wells Company Brochure

Struthers Wells supplies superior heat transfer equipment to the world’s leading chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, and power (including solar) producers. Learn more.

Breechlock Closure

Learn more about the Breechlock Closure from Struthers Wells, the self-energized gasket closure utilized when when pressure is equal or more than 3,000 PSI

High Pressure Heat Exchangers

Struthers Wells designs and fabricates heat exchangers for heat extraction from high temperature process or flue gas streams. Click here to learn more.

Thermal Fluid Heaters

Struthers Wells supplies fired heaters and thermal fluid heaters and systems designed to provide high-temperature heat at relatively low pressures. Learn more.

Over 160 Years of Excellence

Struthers Wells has a rich history of design and fabrication of fired heaters and heat recovery equipment for multiple industries. Learn more about our 160 year history here.

Direct-Fired Process Heaters

Direct-Fired Process Heaters Design & Manufacturing Struthers Wells™, a TEi line of products, is a recognized name in process heater technology. Struthers Wells™ started designing and [...]