TEiC Project Services

TEiC Construction Project Services Overview What Makes a Good Project Successful? The Right Culture, Team and Tools. People Our most important asset is our people. With over 80 years of [...]

Overlay Capabilities

Reduce Boiler Tube Erosion and Corrosion with Shop-Applied Weld Overlay Boiler Tube Company of America is one of the few fully integrated fabricators of boiler tube pressure part components and [...]

Smart Fuel Systems

TEi’s SMART Fuel System packages are designed to provide heated gas at optimal temperatures for gas turbine operation in combined cycle plants. Learn more.

Struthers Wells Company Brochure

Since its inception, Struthers Wells has grown into an internationally respected name for reliable process heater technology and heat recovery equipment. Struthers Wells supplies superior [...]

TEiC Project Services Overview

TEiC Project Services, a division of TEiC Construction Services, focuses on large scale, long duration construction projects for new or existing facilities. Our most important organizational [...]

Serving the Nuclear Power Industry

From feedwater heaters, condensers, condenser modules, moisture separator reheaters (MSRs), CCW heat exchangers and more, TEi has been a trusted supplier to the nuclear industry since 1964.