Riley Power’s Service Center in Tyler, TX Rapid Response to Customer Emergency Results in Success

Helping customers is the number one priority at Riley Power’s Service Centers. As proven, again, when the Babcock Power sales team received a call from a Southwestern Utility for an emergency rebuild of an MPS-89 Roll Wheel that had locked up. It was critical that the mill get back on-line within two days.

The Riley Western Service Center team in Tyler, TX was contacted to coordinate with the customer. Upon receipt of the roll wheel the following morning, the service team was able to diagnose the problem, implement a plan of action working through the night and shipped the modified assembly to arrive within the crucial 18-hour turnaround period getting the mill back on line within the deadline.

“Because of the decades of experience and expertise of our service team to assess, rebuild and repair power plant equipment,” states ‘Donna Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of Babcock Power Services, “our dedicated team was able to effectively manage this emergency helping this Utility customer to successfully resolve their critical need. Effective communication, strong teamwork, outstanding performance, trust in each other and commitment to serving the customer gives this team the ability to overcome challenges which leads to successful results for our customers.”

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