Riley Power Western Service Center Achieves Significant Safety Milestone

A significant safety milestone was achieved at Riley Power Western Service Center (WSC) in Tyler, TX

Riley Power Service Center continues to build upon its safety platform by announcing their celebration of 1,000 days without any OSHA lost-time incidents, reaching this milestone on December 4, 2020. Riley Power has dedicated a great amount of time and resources towards implementing and maintaining a safe environment for its employees. This remarkable achievement is the result of a commitment to individual safety, health and communication demonstrating outstanding safety practices.

In recognition of this safety accomplishment, a luncheon ceremony was held for the employees on December 8th where celebratory Carhartt jackets with commemorative logo embroidered on each were awarded to all of the WSC employees in honor of this milestone. In addition to the employees, Tom Price, President & CEO Babcock Power Services, Ryan Wirtz, Babcock Power Safety Director and Jim Nelligan, Senior Vice President Riley Power, were on hand to congratulate this outstanding team on their excellent record.

“Riley Power’s first priority is to provide a safe work environment,” states Tom Price, President & CEO Babcock Power Services.  “I have no greater responsibility than the safety of our employees and have great pride in congratulating all who helped achieve this milestone.”

Leading the WSC team is John Calahan Sr., Manager Service Center Operations, James Tyner, WSC Manager, and Jimmy Row, WSC Shop Floor LEAD. Others recognized were Tim Malone, Jon Johnson, Keith Desaulniers, Micah Edwards, Justin Cook, Rory Carmichael, Anthony Lacy, Robert Hunter, Roy Carter Jr., Scott Rapp and Deanna Bowen.

“It is very gratifying to work with people who maintain such a high level of commitment,” comments Jim Nelligan, Sr. VP of Riley Power. “We strive to create a work environment where we remain focused on the most important safety goal, to have each employee return home every day as healthy as when they arrived at work.”

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