Joint Feedwater Heater Technology Symposium | July 30-August 1 | Des Moines, IA

Feedwater heaters and associated systems cause significant loss of availability and efficiency in both nuclear and fossil-fired power plants. Many of the issues can be corrected by improving design, materials, monitoring operation and maintenance practices and by performing periodic or routine nondestructive examinations. The first joint Feedwater Heater Technical Symposium is hosted by the EPRI Nuclear Sector NDE Program (P41.04.01) and the EPRI Generation Sector Heat Rate Improvement Program (P194). The Technology Symposium will provide an opportunity for utility members and their stakeholders to learn state-of-the art technologies and techniques and exchange knowledge and experience to successfully operate and maintain their feedwater heaters in a safe and reliable manner. Joint and/or parallel sessions will be held to discuss heat exchanger system reliability, performance, life extension and nondestructive testing (NDE) technologies. More info here.

When: July 30-August 1, 2019
Where: Des Moines Marriott Downtown



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