Combined Cycle Training Seminar | Feb. 10-11 | Asheville, NC

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Combined Cycle Training Seminar

Asheville, NC | February 10 & 11, 2022

Topics Include:

HRSG 101

  • HRSG Physical Design and Nomenclature
  • Control Processes
  • Auxiliary Equipment

HRSG Casing and Drains

  • Casing Hot Spots and Structural Hanger Support Overheating
  • HRSG Drain Issues and Solutions
  • Customer Presentation (Tube Cleaning Update)

Metallurgy and Duct Firing

  • P91 Hardness and Microstructure Presentation
  • Duct Burner Design and Operations Issues

New Design Trends

  • Hydrogen and Other Fuel Considerations
  • Efficiency Design Improvements
  • Chemistry Impacts on Startup and Cycling
  • Condenser Design Consideration

Pressure Part and Attemperator Replacement

  • Harp Replacement Case Studies
  • Attemperator Replacement Design

Omni Grove Park Inn
290 Macon Ave
Asheville, NC 28804



Thursday, February 10th will run 10 AM – 6 PM & Friday, February 11th will run 8 AM – 1 PM


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