Vogt Power’s Customer Event Highlighted in Combined Cycle Journal

July 19, 2013

Vogt Power’s HRSG University came to Las Vegas June 27 for a full day of presentations and collaborative discussion conducted by Chief Thermal Engineer Kelly Flannery and two members of the boiler manufacturer’s aftermarket and field services team, Peter Allison and Deron Johnston.

The informative program, presented without commercials beyond a 10-min review of who Vogt Power International is and what it does, appeared well-received by two dozen or more “locals” from NV Energy and other power producers in the area. The same program had been presented in Phoenix earlier in the week.

With budgets tight, and air travel and hotels at premium prices these days, Vogt saw an opportunity for its serious outreach program and was rewarded with support from power producers hungry for structured training on subject matter often overlooked in a time-constrained work environment. The meeting began with a two-hour session on HRSG design delivered clearly, quickly, and succinctly by Allison. It was a particularly valuable presentation for someone new to combined cycles and cogeneration plants powered by gas turbines and for those who needed a refresher.

Presentations on SCR catalyst and lessons learned in retrofit and upgrade activities to improve performance, and a primer on HRSG inspections, flanked a tutorial by Flannery on design ideas for improving the operating flexibility of conventional heat-recovery steam generators to meet emerging grid requirements. Flannery’s certainly was a timely topic considering the attention so-called fast-start plants with Benson-type once-through HP sections are now receiving.

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Published on CCJONsite, June 13, 2013