Typical Cycling Assessment Covers Complete Boiler & AQCS Island

Your US-based power plant was likely designed for—and operated for decades—at full, base-load operation. However, with opportunistic energy sources like solar and wind being fed to the electric grid at both variable and inopportune times, your dispatchable assets are now required to change loads quickly and often.

In addition, the power from your plant may not be required for a number of hours each day, but shutting down and starting up fossil-fired power plants can be costly—in both operating costs and in terms of cumulative stress and damage to the equipment. There is increasing value in extending your ability to operate at lower loads overnight or in the middle of each day to avoid shutdown costs, minimize fuel costs, and to quickly capitalize on the returning electrical demand and pricing when the sunlight and wind subside.

Riley Power can help evaluate and prepare your plant for this new operating regime. Learn more about our power plant cycle cost assessments here.

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