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Thermal Engineering Intl (USA) TEiC Heat Exchanger Services TEi-Struthers Wells Division

Laboratory Services

Metallurgical Laboratory Services

Riley Power’s (RPI) metallurgical laboratory is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive inspection and metallurgical assessment, from initial diagnosis in the field to a metallurgical analysis in our own laboratory facilities. To complement the assessment, RPI issues a thorough report on the inspection findings, including color photographs and all metallurgical and testing results. Full-time metallurgical personnel staff our laboratory, with expertise in essentially all ASTM designation tubing and pipe products used in most boilers. This includes not only carbon and low alloy steels, but also more exotic stainless steels and other metal alloys.
Metallurgical Laboratory Services

Fuel Laboratory Services

As a boiler and fuel firing systems OEM, Riley Power (RPI) knows the importance of precise analyses of the fuel (solid or liquid) being fired and the associated ash, to boilers and firing systems, since our own engineers use them regularly to design new equipment, or to modify existing systems. Utilizing a network of fully qualified laboratories, we can provide a complete characterization of fuel and ash samples provided by our customers. As an OEM, we have the expertise to then take this raw laboratory data and determine its impact on your steam generating unit and its associated firing system, regardless of the OEM.

Typical Engineering Analyses – Value Added by RPI

  • Analyses of slagging and fouling characteristics to determine the tube spacing in the gas passes and locations where soot blowers are to be altered or added.
  • Analyze fuel and ash to determine the feasibility of modifying an existing boiler to fire a different fuel.
  • Changes that are required in convection pass spacing, or superheater and reheater surfaces, or configuration to fire a fuel of different slagging and fouling characteristics.
  • Calculate the effect on pulverizer performance and recommend modifications required to pulverize fuels of varying grindability and moisture.
  • Drop tube analyses to determine a fuel’s carbon burnout and LOl characteristics.
  • Abrasion testing to determine the materials to be used in pulverizers and high wear areas of the boiler if considering a fuel switch, and in pulverizer upgrades.
  • SCR baseline coal and ash analyses for catalyst selection and sizing.
  • FGD baseline coal and ash analyses for design basis.
  • LOl and furnace residence time analyses for combustion efficiency.
  • NOx vs. LOl analyses for tuning low-NOx burners.