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Training Services

We focus on your power plant operations and know that reliable plant and personnel performance is critical to your financial bottom line. We provide training services for all steam generating, fuel burning and other ancillary equipment, including environmental systems and equipment. In developing our products, we use professional training personnel partnered with knowledgeable engineering specialists with years of experience in the operation and maintenance of all types of systems and equipment. Reliable performance demands a well-trained workforce and we offer a full complement of professional services designed to maximize your plant and personnel potential through cost-effective solutions including:

  • Training development
  • Instructor-led training
  • Distance Learning
  • Seminars / Lunch-n-Learn Sessions
  • Operating Procedure Development
  • Training Program Management / Assessment

Training Development
We work with your plant staff to create a program to meet your immediate and long-term training needs. The combination of knowledge from our experienced industry personnel and teamed with our curriculum development professionals, along with an interactive format, insures that our training programs will hold the interest of your plant staff and effectively educate them on all aspects of the plant, equipment, or system. If you have existing training material that you would need to revise or convert into an e-Learning format, we can provide this service in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Instructor-Led Training
We use a combination of professional instructors, subject matter experts, instructional designers, and other dedicated personnel to develop and present our industry-leading training courses. Through use of dedicated professional instructors, we ensure the training conducted to your personnel is presented by individuals with specific education, and years of experience as professional instructors. We meet with you prior to conducting training sessions to explain our training development and overall process to make sure that what we deliver meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Distance Learning
With today’s demanding schedules and logistics constraints, many companies are relying on web-based learning as a cost-effective alternative to instructor-led training sessions. While distance learning is not appropriate for every training requirement, it is an excellent solution for many regulatory, compliance, safety, process, and equipment or system information training. Our state-of-the-art e-Learning system (bpilearn) is a full featured distance learning platform that allows your personnel to complete training when convenient to their work schedule and is available 24 X 7 X 365 wherever there is an internet connection and pc. We can provide your workforce with basic utility industry courses, off- the-shelf professionally developed courses for a variety of topics, or create customized training to meet your site specific requirements.

Seminars / Lunch-n-Learn
We offer a variety of professional development seminars to further educate your personnel on the latest technologies and techniques available to address plant / system performance, preventative / proactive measures, environmental regulations, and the latest upgrades available for existing systems / equipment. Our catalog of topics is extensive and we normally schedule public sessions several times a year in locations around the country. If you need a specific seminar conducted on your site, we can schedule sessions ranging from a quick “Lunch-n-Learn” to a one or two day long program designed to meet your requirements.

Operating Procedure Development
With significant investment and plant performance on the line, your personnel rely on well-written operating procedures specific to your site / equipment. This ensures smooth operation during normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. Professional, formally developed procedures also minimize potential risk should a plant or personnel accident occur as they represent the company’s intent to provide a safe and orderly workplace. Our procedure development team utilizes professional technical writers with industry experience to develop formal, easy to follow, operating procedures for your plant. Our procedures are rich with illustrations and graphics allowing operators to see what is displayed on the DCS screen or other displays so they fully understand the consequences of each procedural step.

Training Program Management / Assessment
Managing a site or corporate-wide training program is a large and important task. Qualifications must be tracked / maintained, safety and other ongoing required training must be scheduled and attendance verified. Training records are of critical importance to maintain ISO and other certification status and are also extremely important to demonstrate your organizations commitment to a safe and efficient workplace. In the event of an accident, a well-run training program and fully documented training records can potentially minimize liability for your company. Our professional training personnel can come in and evaluate your existing training program and provide recommendations to improve your existing training program or transition to an e-learning model.