Vogt Power to Supply HRSG for Idaho Combined Cycle Plant

February 23, 2010

Danvers, MA – Vogt Power International Inc., located in Louisville, KY, a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc., based in Danvers, MA, announced today it has been selected to supply one Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) for Idaho Power’s Langley Gulch Power Plant located in Payette County, Idaho.

Vogt Power will design, manufacture and deliver one (1) three pressure level HRSG for use behind Siemens 501F (SGT6-5000F4) gas turbine, including duct burner, SCR system, CO catalyst, instruments, valves and stack. Construction of the natural gas fired combined cycle 300 MW Langley Gulch Power Plant is expected to begin in August 2010, and is scheduled for commercial operation in the summer of 2012.

“We are pleased a Vogt HRSG was selected as part of this new generation resource that is expected to provide safe, reliable, low cost electricity to meet the increased demand from Idaho Power’s customers,” said Steve Kapsalis, President and CEO of Vogt Power International. “Our HRSG, as part of the overall combined cycle plant, will help provide clean, highly efficient power while supporting the stability desired to allow Idaho Power to integrate and deliver intermittent renewable resources.”

Babcock Power Inc., www.babcockpower.com, through its subsidiaries, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology, equipment, and services to the power generation industry. Babcock Power subsidiary companies include; Vogt Power International Inc. (Louisville, KY), Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (Santa Fe Springs, CA), Babcock Power Environmental Inc., Riley Power Inc. and Babcock Power Services Inc. (Worcester, MA), Boiler Tube Company of America (Lyman, SC), and TEi Construction Services, Inc. (Duncan, SC).

IDACORP, Inc. (NYSE: IDA), Boise, Idaho-based and formed in 1998, is a holding company comprised of Idaho Power Company, a regulated electric utility; IDACORP Financial, a holder of affordable housing projects and other real estate investments; and Ida-West Energy, an operator of small hydroelectric generation projects that satisfy the requirements of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978. IDACORP’s origins lie with Idaho Power and operations beginning in 1916. Today, Idaho Power employs approximately 2,050 people to serve a 24,000 square-mile service area in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. To learn more about Idaho Power or IDACORP, visit www.idahopower.com or www.idacorpinc.com.