Vogt Power to Supply HRSGs to Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility, LLC

June 2, 2011

Heat Recovery Technology for Environmental Efficiency

Danvers, MA – Vogt Power International Inc. (Vogt), located in Louisville, KY, a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc., based in Danvers, MA, announced receipt of an award from Calpine Construction Management Company, Inc. (CCMCI), to supply Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and associated equipment to Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility, LLC (LECEF), a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation, located in San Jose, California.

Vogt Power will design and deliver four (4) auxiliary-fired, two pressure level natural circulation HRSGs for operation behind GE LM6000 gas turbines. The Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility is undergoing an upgrade from a simple-cycle generation facility to a 300 MW (289 MW July peak) combined-cycle power generation facility. Vogt’s HRSGs will aid in the advancement of that upgrade and the environmental performance of the plant.

“We are pleased to be selected to provide our HRSGs to CCMCI. Vogt’s HRSG technology and associated equipment will be vital to upgrade the Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility from a simple cycle to a combined-cycle plant, resulting in cleaner more efficient power for LECEF’s customers,” stated Steve Kapsalis, President and CEO of Vogt Power International.

Calpine is a major U.S. power company, capable of delivering nearly 28,000 megawatts of clean, cost-effective, reliable and fuel-efficient electricity to customers and communities in 20 states in the U.S. and Canada.

Babcock Power Inc. (www.babcockpower.com) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology, equipment and services to the power generation industry. Babcock Power designs, manufactures and services heat recovery steam generators and simple cycle exhaust systems through its Vogt Power International Inc. subsidiary located in Louisville, KY; provides heat exchangers and after market services, including moisture separator reheaters, steam surface condensers and feedwater heaters for fossil-fired, nuclear and concentrated solar plants through its Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. subsidiary located in Santa Fe Springs, CA; and provides new steam generators, environmental solutions (including SCRs, flue gas scrubbers and mercury removal systems), and a complete portfolio of after market solutions to the electric utility and waste-to-energy industries for any OEM’s boiler through its subsidiaries located in Worcester, MA. ###