Struthers Wells to Provide Equipment for Concentrated Solar Power Plant

March 31, 2011

Improving solar energy availability for parabolic trough technology

Houston, TX – Struthers Wells, a division of Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (TEi), a Babcock Power Inc. company with offices located in Houston, TX and Warren, PA, will supply booster heaters with Low NOx burners to a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, which will utilize parabolic trough technology, in the Middle East.

Struthers Wells will supply two (2) Booster Heaters, each capable of supplying 50% of the total steam requirement to the steam turbine generator. These heaters will be utilized by the solar plant during low solar radiant times, such as cloudy days and at night, to help increase the temperature of the steam entering the steam turbine generator. Each unit will be supplied with a single Low NOx burner, firing either natural gas or fuel oil. The systems will be utilizing flue gas recirculation (FGR) for improved NOx (Nitrous Oxide) control. Additional scope of work includes: combustion air and FGR fans, control system, integral piping, instrumentation, and field service. This equipment plays a vital role in the economic feasibility of CSP plants, improving availability by helping the plant to continue to generate power during low solar radiant periods.

Under a separate contract, Struthers Wells will also be supplying seven (7) Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) heaters. The parabolic trough technology uses coated parabolic mirrors with a tube attached to the focal point of the mirror. Heat-transfer liquid, which is stored inside the tube, helps in absorbing the concentrated sunlight and the HTF heaters help maintain the heat transfer fluid temperature for the plant.

“We are pleased to supply our products for this expanding technology and to participate in the development of the region’s largest thermosolar power plant. This application of our Heater and Low NOx burner technology is consistent with our bpigreen program, which focuses on providing our customers with highly efficient and environmentally friendly products,” stated Ken Murakoshi, Senior Vice President – General Manager of Struthers Wells.

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