Struthers Wells to Provide Ketene Furnaces to BAE Systems

November 8, 2011

Houston, TX – Struthers Wells, a division of Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc. (TEi), a Babcock Power Inc. company with offices located in Houston, TX and Warren, PA, has been awarded a contract from BAE Systems to design and supply four complete Ketene Furnaces for a new Acetic Acid refining plant.  The scope of supply shall include; Natural Draft Radiant Wall Burners, Fuel valve trains, Burner Management System (BMS), Stack, Platforms and Instrumentation.  The equipment delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2011.

Struthers has had a long History of innovation in the supply of Cabin style heaters dating back to the 1930s when it designed and supplied its first Cabin style Heater for its refinery turnkey contracting business. Through the 1940s Struthers designed and supplied the same style heaters in the styrene process application and fatty acid distillation processes. The cabin style heater was identified as an ideal heater for the Pyrolysis process; the decomposition or transformation of a compound caused by heat, also referred to as cracking. Cracking is a high temperature endothermic reaction and became popular to aid in chemical processing in both the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Struthers became involved in the development of furnaces for the cracking of Acetic acid for the production of acetic anhydride. Ketene is one of the intermediate products of the process and is produced during the cracking process; the furnaces are often referred to as Ketene Furnaces. “Through innovation, experience and excellent customer relations Struthers Wells continued supplying furnaces for various processes in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries world wide. As a leading supplier of these types of furnaces Struthers Wells is pleased to have been selected to supply the Ketene Furnaces to BAE Systems,” stated Ken Murakoshi, President of Struthers Wells.

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