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Thermal Engineering Intl (USA) TEiC Heat Exchanger Services TEi-Struthers Wells Division

Mission & Core Values

Our Mission
Create superior value for our customers, suppliers, and employees through an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, execution and consistent application of our core values that promote TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, & PERFORMANCE. Provide uncompromising personal safety, stimulating, ethical work environment, and professional opportunities for our employees that enable them to develop and deliver sustainable solutions for our customers and drive the science, technology and expertise that will serve the growing global demand for safe, reliable, clean energy through the 21st century.

“Powerful Core Values”
At Babcock Power, our Core Values promote the highest possible practices for corporate ethics and integrity.

These Core Values embrace sustained and profitable growth while driving day-to-day decisions that center on Teamwork, Integrity and Performance.


  • Working together with customers, suppliers, and fellow employees, we can achieve results that meet or exceed customer expectations while maintaining cost and schedule that support a successful project for our customers and financial stability for Babcock Power.
  • Each employee is encouraged to seek mutual support, collaborate, and solicit ideas from fellow employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
  • We support and encourage communication, participation, and acknowledge accomplishments to celebrate our successes of our Team.

Each employee is expected to conduct their day-to-day activities in an environment that fosters making the “right decision for the right reason” by embracing the following general principles:

We encourage each employee to:

  • Provide consistent, accurate and complete work
  • Be responsible to themselves and the company, recognizing
    that their actions affect not only the profitability of the company,
    but customer perception and acceptance of Babcock Power
    as a valued supplier
  • Treat our customers with respect and deliver quality performance
    that exceeds their expectations
  • Decide the best course before taking any action
  • Balance work and personal life to ensure the best for you, your family
    and the company
  • Seek continuous improvement in your daily processes through
    education and training