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Stokers, Distributors & Feeders

Stokers, Distributors & Feeders for Solid Fuel Applications

Riley Power Inc. maintains a complete product line of grates, distributors and feeders for solid fuel applications for new or retrofit applications for the power generation and industrial markets. Whether for firing biomass, refuse derived fuel, coal or similar types of fuels; Riley Power has the firing system that can meet your specification requirements utilizing modern designs and materials.


Traveling Grate Spreader Stoker
Riley Power’s Traveling Grate Spreader Stoker is designed to efficiently burn a variety of coals that have a wide range of coking, caking and ash fusion characteristics. In addition to coal, this stoker has proven effective in burning RDF, waste wood fuels, bagasse and other types of waste fuels.

Water Cooled Oscillating Grate
Riley Power’s Water Cooled Oscillating Grate(WCOG) is a relatively new and innovative firing system suitable for all stoker-grade fuels, including less expensive run-of-the-mine coal, requiring less power and providing higher unit availability and lower maintenance costs, The WCOG design is relatively simple and is suitable for not only new steam generator designs, but also for retrofitting to existing units.

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Water Cooled Oscillating Grate

Stationary Water Cooled Grate
RPI also offer a Stationary Water Cooled Grate that is suitable for burning cellulose fuels including wood. Stationary grate segments are fabricated from heat resistant castings supported by floor tubes in the furnace. Intimate contact with the floor tubes provides sufficient cooling to prevent overheating. Maintenance is low since there are no moving parts.

Feeders and Distributors
Refuse Feeder – for bagasse, hogged fuel, and stringy waste fuels

Vari-Flex Feeder – for coals

Pneumatic Refuse Fuel Distributors – for fibrous, spongy and high moisture content refuse fuels

The Pneumatic Distributors can be equipped with modulating dampers tied together on a line shaft with a variable speed drive. The dampers are sequenced to create a staggered, pulsating blast of air to each distributor, insuring even distribution of fuel over large grate surfaces.

Flyash Reinjection System – improved efficiency in refuse fired steam generators