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Riley Power


Riley Power Inc. designs and manufactures steam generators and fuel firing equipment for all types of fossil fired and waste fuel fired plants.

Steam Generators and Firing Systems
Riley Power offers a full line of natural circulation steam generator designs for utility, industrial, waste-to-energy and concentrated solar power (CSP) applications worldwide, as well as a complete line of fuel firing equipment, including its patented low NOx dual air zone CCV® coal-fired wall burner line, STS® gas/oil low NOx burner designs, various types of stokers, and a full line of pulverizers.

For aftermarket requirements, Riley Power can assist operators of existing boilers to maintain and operate them at their optimum efficiency and availability, as well as meeting ongoing environmental regulations. Riley Power furnishes replacement pressure parts, including drums, headers, superheaters, reheaters, waterwalls, loose tubes and economizers.

Riley Power also offers a full complement of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for all types of fuels, for both new and existing units. All Riley Power systems incorporate its proprietary Delta Wing® technology to insure even ammonia, temperature, and gas distribution at the catalyst face across the unit’s operating range, thus helping to insure compliance with required performance specifications.

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